Project management is a serious business. At the core of a successful project is a capable project manager who can drive a project from initiation to closing. With respect to projects that span multiple countries, it’s critical that you engage a project manager who is experienced, understands technology at the programming level, and has proven experience in managing sophisticated multiple technology project engagements. KAMATRIC can help with your project management requirements by providing you with a contract project manager who has the required knowledge, experience and many of whom are certified Project Management Professionals.

Several companies in the region regularly use our project management and program management services to execute projects that are not within their core expertise. Whether you have several medium sized projects or a large project or initiative that needs a project manager, contact us and gain from our experience and specialization.

KAMATRIC is a creatively driven Project Management and Business Solutions agency that produces crafted experiences. We have built a reputation for quality works in everything we do – from brand strategy to design, production and project management.

With our past experience in design, production, and marketing, we know the keys to produce integrated brand experience to strengthen brand image and grow business. We give you our best and strive to exceed your expectations each and every time.

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As the name suggests, this section should be simple and short. You should outline the why, what, and how of your project, while keeping it within five lines at the most.


Why did this project come about in the first place? Are there any organizational pain points that you’re trying to relive? Or are you trying to tap into potential business opportunities? Whatever they may be, these are the questions that you must answer for your reader in this section. You should talk about the project’s purpose.


In the description of your project, this is the section your top stakeholders will be looking for. You must justify the reason for the project and convince your reader that it is worth the financial investment being made. It would help if you could map it to certain performance metrics of your department. The more you can convince your stakeholders that your project is essential to the organization’s efforts, the better.


This is a tricky section in the description of your project, because you will be measuring the benefits that you hope to gain against the costs that your organization will incur. Look at it as your typical cost-benefit-analysis. Even while planning a house party, you will think of the consequences of inviting a particular friend over, won’t you?


Here, you must describe the approach that you will take to meet your project’s goals and objectives. You must be mindful of whether your organization has the operational capabilities to support the approach you plan to take. There shouldn’t be a mismatch between what you plan to do and where your organization is at.


This step is crucial because here you must estimate the total time your project will require. You must draw up a plan that shows how many working hours each step of your project requires, along with the number of resources required. Ensure that you put enough thought into this, because your project timeline will help you stay on track for its duration.

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