KAMATRIC makes sure to put our client's needs first, ensuring that anything you need is delivered to you effectively and efficiently. We always aim for the best for our clients, which means we work hard on making a culture of constant communication between our team and the people we are servicing. Asking what the client wants and then doing our best to achieve that is key to providing them with successful outcomes.


Check our Technologies


We create platform-independent Java applications, from simple to complex enterprise-scale projects, including recommendation engines, fraud detection software and stream data processing from embedded IoT devices.


We’re competent in Qt to complement applications for desktop and mobile devices with smart UI quickly and at a reasonable price.


We deliver advanced cross-platform mobile and cloud-ready web and mobile .NET applications. ScienceSoft eagerly lets .NET solutions tap the power of IoT, Big Data, AI and other emerging technologies.


We use C++ for rapid scripting of efficient and high-performing cross-platform desktop and mobile applications, including image, audio and video processing software, messaging and communication tools, browsers and browser plug-ins, and engineering applications.


With a strong competency in PHP, we offer powerful web applications, mobile back ends and AI applications built with the world’s most popular server-side language and its top-notch extensions Zend, CakePHP, Laravel, etc.