Technical Project Management

Technical knowledge is a major part of project success. Suppliers, Contractors, Design Consultants and Clients may find it easy to speak the same language but they have trouble communicating when it comes to project technicalities. That's why an experienced and confident Project Manager becomes a trusted partner to all stakeholders. Our Project Managers have seen with experience the difficulties that arise during construction and know how to deal with these types of situations immediately, which eliminates many issues before they even happen!

What Is Technical Project Management?

All project managers must possess organizational prowess, leadership capability, and communication skills to be successful. When it comes to IT projects, you can add technological knowledge and expertise to the equation. Technical project management is a unique branch of the field that comes with its own challenges and opportunities.

Technical project management is the process of managing IT or IT-related projects. Technical project managers are critical to the conception, development, and execution of these projects. In addition to understanding the technical content of the project, they must handle all the duties normally ascribed to project managers, such as:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling and timeline maintenance
  • Execution
  • Managing the budget
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Ongoing maintenance

Anyone interested in technical project management will need to balance a high level of technical capability with soft skills such as leadership, time management, and big-picture thinking.